Blueprint Law

The Blueprint for Maryland’s Future is established in State law by several pieces of legislation that were enacted beginning in 2018. The majority of the policies and funding increases are contained in House Bill 1300, which was initially passed by the General Assembly in 2020 and enacted as Chapter 36 of 2021 after the Governor’s veto was overridden during the 2021 legislative session. Also in 2021, House Bill 1372 (enacted as Chapter 55) was passed to revise House Bill 1300 given the delay in its implementation and to address the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. House Bill 1300 and House Bill 1372 should both be considered and cross-referen​ced to fully understand the policy and funding provisions found in the Blueprint. During the 2022 session, House Bill 1450 (Chapter 33) made several adjustments to the Blueprint including the implementation plan timelines based on the AIB’s recommendations to the Governor and General Assembly. ​Below are links to the enrolled (final) legislation and the Department of Legislative Services Fiscal and Policy Note for each bill. 


House Bill 1415 (Chapter 361 of 2018)

Fiscal Notes

Senate Bill 1030 (Chapter 771 of 2019)

Fiscal Notes

House Bill 1300 (Chapter 36 of 2021)

Fiscal Notes

House Bill 1372 (Chapter 55 of 2021)

Fiscal Notes

House Bill 1450 (Chapter 33 of 2022)

Fiscal​ Notes