Implementation Plans

The Final version of the Initial Blueprint Comprehensive Plan ​has been published.​


Click here to here to download the plan and related documents​

The AIB is responsible for creating a Comprehensive Implementation Plan to guide State and local entities in implementing the Blueprint for Maryland's Future and achieving the intended outcomes. The AIB adopted the Initial Blueprint Comprehensive Implementation Plan o​n December 1, 2022

​In developing the plan, the AIB incorporated​ input from the public, interested stakeholders, and key entities charged with implementing the Blueprint law, including:

  • State Board of Education and the Maryland State Department of Education

  • Governor’s Workforce Development Board and the Career and Technical Education Committee 

  • Maryland Higher Education Commission 

  • Higher education institutions, including community colleges and universities

  • Local education agencies and boards of education

  • Juvenile Services Education Board​

  • Teacher preparation programs

  • Local workforce development boards

These agencies are also responsible for creating their own Blueprint implementation plans that are aligned with the ​Comprehensive Plan. The Blueprint Implementation Plans must be submitted to AIB by March 15, 2023, for review and approval.