AIB Initial Comprehensive Plan

Initial Comprehensive Plan Development Process 

The Maryland General Assembly approved an updated timeline for developing and adopting the Comprehensive Implementation Plan as part of House Bill 1450 in the 2022 Regular Session. The timeline identifies activities associated with drafting the Comprehensive Plan, gathering public input on the draft plan, and adopting a final Comprehensive Plan by December 2022. These activities are described further below.

Draft Comprehensive Plan

In spring 2022, the AIB hosted a four-part Implementation Planning Series to build collective understanding of the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future law. Guest speakers attended each session to share research and best practices associated with different Blueprint pillars that will support the AIB in drafting an effective Comprehensive Plan. 

As a follow-up to the Implementation Planning Series, the AIB hosted a series of summer working sessions to further inform the content of the Blueprint Comprehensive Implementation Plan. Members of the public and interested stakeholders attended these virtual meetings and posed questions and shared considerations related to the Blueprint’s implementation. 

Meeting materials related to each Blueprint Pillar are posted in the “Pillar” tabs that can be found on the left navigation menu to the left of this page’s content. 

The d​raft Comprehensive Plan was ​published on October 26, 2022.  

Public Comment on Draft Comprehensive Plan

AIB hosted a public hearing on the draft Comprehensive Plan on November 10, 2022 at which members of the public shared input on the draft of the Comprehensive Plan. 

Finalize Comprehensive Plan

The AIB adopted the final Comprehensive Plan on​ Dec 1, 2022. Click here​ to download the final version of the Plan.

The final Initial Blueprint Comprehensive Plan includes a timeline with key year-to-year milestones for implementing the Blueprint law. The Initial Blueprint Comprehensive Implementation Plan:

  • Creates guidelines for State and local agencies to follow in developing and​ submitting their own Blueprint implementation plans;

  • Holds State and local agencies accountable for f​ulfilling their identified responsibilities by reviewing and approving their policies, plans, and practices for compliance with the Comprehensive Plan;

  • Monitors implementation on an ongoing basis;

  • Gathers and analyzes data that shows how implementation impacts student performance over time; 

  • Evaluates outcomes achieved during the implementation period against the Blueprint’s goals and objectives; and 

  • Annually reports on implementation pro​gress to the Governor, legislature, and the public.